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Sergio Sebastián Franco

Sergio Sebastián Franco

Architects from Fernando de Antequera 2 chalet b. , Zaragoza, Spain
In 2006 founded his own study of architecture, understood as a branched out, elastic and flexible structure that install in the diverse places of work, grows or decreases as the project demands. Develops his architecture understood as an expanded concept that includes actions that go from the great scale of the landscape to 1:1scale that details the tiny execution of the furniture, receiving several and prizes in international competitions for his works and projects.

Since 2008 he is designing and coordinating the construction
of the new City of the Justice of Saragossa, the Courthouse of Huesca, and the new building of the Provincial Hearing of Saragossa.

From 2003 to 2006 works as architect chief of study of Sotomaroto_Solid architecture, in projects as the Museum of Iberian Art of Jaen, the Library of the UIB of Palma, the Park of the Water in the Expo of Saragossa or the Park of the Palms of Pulley.

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