shilpi stone veneer and Ochrestone

shilpi stone veneer and Ochrestone

Manufacturers from #101 Vidhyadhar nagar, Jaipur, India

Dear Sir/Madam

We are the manufacturer of natural thin stone veneer. I am forwarding
the details for your kind consideration. Please find enclosed Pictures
and details in the attachment.

We are producing veneer in 21 different colors and in following backings..

1. Fibre Glass
2. Fleece backing.
3. Translucent

Apart from 1220X610X1-2MM the standard size , we are also producing
veneer in 2400X1200 in 14 colors..We are also producing Translucent in
2400X1200 as well..

Please find few details about Slate Veneer:

The technology of Slate Veneer offers new opportunities in the building

· Easy material handling and transport
· Stronger than natural Slate slabs by penetration the Slate Veneer with
· · Dimensionally stable, according glass
· Reduces the weight of buildings
· Adhesive systems for many applications available
· Environment-friendlier than when you use natural stone
· Easy to handle with DIY tools (sawing, drilling, cutting)
· Frost stable and useable for facades

Packing details.. .

Standard size :- 4feet X2 Feet, 1220X610 MM..
1 sheet :- 8 sqft
1 Sheet :- 0.743sqm
I sheet weight :- 2 kgs.
10 pcs are packed in one corrogated box.
20 corrogated boxes in one wooden pallet.. (200 sheets)
Quantity in one pallet.:- 148.70 sqm
Approx Weight:- 450-500 Kgs.

Please feel free if you have any questions or clarifications..

Looking forward for your reply.

Thanks and Regards


Shilpi stone veneer / Ochrestone
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shilpi stone veneer and Ochrestone Jaipur
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