Manufacturers from Körnerstrasse 2a, MÜNCHEN, Germany
This is where light is being made.
In Munich’s light manufactory SIGLLICHT it is the human being who has been at the center of light creations from the very beginning. This hasn’t changed in over 30 years until today. At SIGLLICHT, the experienced Munich light manufactory, lights, light planning and lighting systems are created, made by people for people.
Made from material that is sustainable in two ways: firstly, because of its long life and secondly because of the consistent recyclability of all components. Buying a light, a system or a spotlight at SIGLLICHT means making a purchase for life. Every single of our great designer light collections remains a fixed component of the product range at Klaus SIGLLICHT GmbH in Munich. This also applies to spare parts, lamps, replacement parts and small parts.
A lamp made by Klaus Sigl Manufactory in Munich’s Körnerstraße does not only have to meet the highest aesthetic requirements but, more importantly, has to be perfect from every technological point of view. Therefore it’s most of all the intelligent control modules that make the light creations of SIGLLICHT so very special. All lighting systems, wall lamps, suspended lights, floor, ceiling and designer lamps are easy to operate. This starts with handling the movable elements and ends with replacing an illuminant or lamp. The LED lighting systems equipped with colour control and dimming function are controlled by intuitive touch pads and specially developed apps for perfect haptic and visual experience.
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SIGL LICHT Headquarters
+49 892011946
Körnerstrasse 2a, MÜNCHEN, Germany

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