Simona Pribeagu Schmid
Simona Pribeagu Schmid
Simona Pribeagu Schmid

Simona Pribeagu Schmid

Architects from Sihlfeldstrasse 10, Zürich, Switzerland
Born in 1980 in Alexandria, Romania, Simona Pribeagu Schmid studied architecture in Bucharest, Paris and Mendrisio, Switzerland. 2005 she graduated in Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio with professor Luigi Snozzi, with a project for a Car Parking structure in the periphery of Padua.

After graduating she worked as an assistant in AAM for the design chairs of Espanol & Sassi and Geninasca Delefortrie. In parallel she collaborated at the Institute for Contemporary Urban Project (i.CUP), where she dedicated herself to urban planning and large scale interventions, an interest developed already during her studies.

In the following years she worked as a project leading architect in different offices in Romania and Switzerland, among which Geninasca Delefortrie Architectes in Neuchâtel and Bétrix Consolascio Architekten in Zürich.

In 2010 she opened her own office in Zürich and Bucharest. Since then she has designed and built individual dwellings in both countries, including the awarded “House of Memories” in Alexandria. In parallel she has also taken part in different competitions in Switzerland.
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