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Educators from Katende Road, Jinja, Uganda
Hello! my name is Nalya Charles from Uganda, am the executive director of Skills Project Uganda (, Never the less as a charity we have a Sacco/ Credit savings Union operating in districts in rural Uganda mostly in eastern and North eastern Uganda with over 113000 registered people who are saving and loaning out their small savings to their fellow people in rural Uganda in form of small school fees loans, Agricultural loans, Business loans among others a long side Learning Vocational Skills which may help them to sustain and boost their income. The Credit Union is called Malongo Integrated Sacco and Credit Union. Therefore, the population is increasing highly in the Credit union as we seek to partner with you as an Individual, Company, Institution OR your organisation. We believe in working together with any body from any part/country in the world.

Will be pleasure and happiness on members faces when our request meets our positive consideration.

Nalya Charles (Executive Director Skills Project Uganda)
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