Solardome Industries Ltd
Solardome Industries Ltd

Solardome Industries Ltd

Manufacturers from Unit 4 Yeoman Industrial Park, Southampton, United Kingdom
Solardome Industries is a pioneer and world expert in the design and development of glass and aluminium geodesic domes up to 25m in diameter.

Solardome is a family run business, with tried and tested experience designing and manufacturing Solardome® glasshouses and dome buildings at their factory facility in Southampton, Hampshire. They engineer domes for homes, schools and businesses across the UK and around the world.

Solardome® glasshouses
Solardome® glasshouses are unique, versatile and eco-friendly. The structure is long-lasting, secure and requires virtually no maintenance. The domes are ideal for a range of applications, making a striking feature in a variety of settings and bringing an element of style and elegance to domestic, educational, community or commercial projects.

There are many benefits to a Solardome® geodesic dome design:
• A truly multipurpose outdoor space
• Superior air distribution and airflow, which helps maintain a uniform temperature and keep it fungus and disease free
• Energy efficient and economical shape to heat
• Weather resistant including gusts of hurricane force winds
• Minimal maintenance design
• 97% light transmission through the multifaceted glass ensures maximum solar gain, leading to an extended growing season
• Eco-friendly design, manufactured from recycled materials and fully recyclable at the end of its long life

With a Solardome® glasshouse it is possible to create a unique growing environment. Customers have made mini-Eden domes for their gardens and at the other end of the scale produced large community biomes. A dome makes a stylish tropical spa cover or outdoor dining room, and in schools and educational facilities they can be utilized as unique outdoor learning environments. The possibilities are endless.

Standard glasshouses are available with 4mm toughened glass and range from 3.5m to 10m diameter. A bespoke design service is also available.

SOLARDOME® PRO architectural system
For larger dome buildings, dome covers and skylights Solardome Industries’ innovative SOLARDOME® PRO architectural system offers an impressive alternative design to traditional buildings. The scalable system enables the production of bespoke geodesic domes from 8m up to 25m diameter, quickly and cost-effectively.

The SOLARDOME® PRO creates a unique, eco-friendly, durable, freestanding building with no internal supports or deep foundations required. The system is flexible and versatile and can be clad with any type of material, meaning that buildings can be constructed to specific requirements. The domes can incorporate single glazed, double glazed, opaque and insulated panels into the design.

The SOLARDOME® PRO geodesic dome system is patent pending, precision designed and engineered to give excellent performance, quality and longevity.
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