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One of the most famous designers in Lithuania Mindaugas Zillions came up with the idea of the SPYNDI in 2007. With engineers and biomechanics contribution, it took him 9 years to develop into the PERFECT SPYNDI. A surface treated with a natural oil coating makes it soft as silk and an elegant but unbreakable wooden structure and technology makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor use. What is the best that SPYNDI has a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

The amazing SPYNDI for your premium lifestyle:
Work of art- an outstanding, luxurious and sensational timeless design solution helps to create furniture which looks like art sculptures in any type of interior or exterior.
Multifunctional and sustainable design helps to reach an absolutely unique and patented creation.
Excellent quality- the best production and technical solutions, the best materials and client service.
Top quality product with a lifetime guaranty. A handmade, solid and reliable product provides a lifetime warranty on materials and the construction solution.
Extremely nice to touch- warm natural wood that provides the incredible feeling of silky softness in the moment of touching!
Playful, beautiful and extremely practical- flexible to change according to your mood or needs both indoor and outdoor.
Healthy / Orthopedic. Very useful when orthopedic demand appears- can be reassembled according to any body shape in case there is a need to support a part of your back.

Uniquely shaped elements are made of 1260 natural birch plywood pieces.
SPYNDI set consists of 60 elements (incl. 45- long, 15- short).
Copper coated solid metal endings- in the original SPYNDI shape.
Water resistant.
Organic coating- a special ancient recipe makes it soft as silk and yet still strong enough to use indoors and outdoors.
Weight depends on the model; it can be up to 49 kg.
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