Stefano Pugliese
Stefano Pugliese

Stefano Pugliese

Manufacturers from Milan, Italy
Stefano Pugliese is an italian architect born in Rome on 31 October 1978.
He completed his secondary education in Luxembourg and then studied architecture at the Politecnico di Milano. While at university he worked with Milanese designers Carlo Tamborini and Fabio Azzolina on a number of projects for companies operating in the furniture and lighting sectors.
After his graduation in 2004, he collaborated with StudioVigo architects in Milan where he was responsible for designing office spaces and industrial conversions, and in Sicily together with the architect Nunzio Sciveres.
In 2006 he moved to Chile where he attended a master's degree in architecture at Catholic University in Santiago.
While in Chile he worked as a lecturer in interior design, construction, history and theory of design.and founded his design studio, focusing on designing and manufacturing furniture for both homes and offices.
In 2010, he collaborated with architects Rodrigo Duque Motta and Rafael Hevia Huidobro, he designed the interior of the new campus of the Faculty of Economics at the Universidad Diego Portales in Santiago, Chile. In 2011, together with Guillermo Chavez Bakovic, he designed and manufactured plywood furnishings for a number of Jesuit chapels located on the outskirts of Santiago.

In Jannuary 2012 ,Stefano opens his design studio in Milan (Italy) where he exhibited his work at Salone Satellite and designed and realized the furnitures for the Legnano Castle (Legnano Italy)