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Studio Aa
Milad Pallesh
Studio Aa

Studio Aa

Studio Aa consists of Ard Hoksbergen with a team of architects and engineers from a common passion for beauty work on various projects. We design space for people. Space to come home, to learn, to reflect, to work, but above all spaces that the people themselves can give meaning. We like to think about materials and construction methods. We love to create things and to try out. The search for a natural simplicity and the intrinsic beauty of materials are an important factor for us to achieve spatial solutions of problems. We create comprehensive designs that we develop as a team and working out. We do it with models, stories, 3D models and drawings. We do this for people who previously instruct us, and for the people who use our buildings and experienced. We let our designs like space for the things we do not know. Durability is claimed in our above all in well-designed spaces that are capable of absorbing in the course of time, changes in a natural way. With this we create space for now and for later.
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Studio Aa Amsterdam
020 723 05 38
Gedempt Hamerkanaal 165, Amsterdam, Netherlands