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SurfaceWorks is a leading innovator in tables, worksurfaces and desking for the office, hospitality, educational and healthcare markets. Its cutting-edge solutions include unusual base designs, impact resistant urethane edges, and endless material and color combinations.

At SurfaceWorks, we are more than just a manufacturer, we’re a mass customizer. We welcome the opportunity to quote special sizes, shapes, colors and products. We are committed to providing the most environmentally friendly products possible, featuring a wide array of products that are Indoor Advantage and Recycled Content certified.

SurfaceWorks’ product portfolio includes the following: height adjustable workstations, conference tables, training tables, meeting tables, hospitality tables, activity tables, edge treatments, ergonomic accessories and more.

Company History

The idea of SurfaceWorks came about in the early 2000s after the dotcom bubble burst. Due to a vast overproduction of office furniture in the ‘90s, the demand for new panel systems dropped sharply. To win bids, office furniture dealers had to come up with creative solutions. This involved reconfiguring existing panel systems and purchasing lower cost worksurfaces from local fabricators; however, the quality and reliability of these local fabricators was not consistent, creating a host of problems for dealers.

The parent company of SurfaceWorks had been manufacturing high quality, customized, worksurfaces on a large-scale for decades. It was obvious that we could assist the office furniture dealers with their problem so SurfaceWorks was given birth. The niche that SurfaceWorks created has enabled office furniture dealers, nation-wide, to purchase worksurfaces in an endless variety of sizes, colors and edge configurations with high quality and short lead times.

In addition to worksurfaces, it became obvious that SurfaceWorks could leverage its mass customization capabilities in free standing table products as well. So a host of different tables, including hospitality, training and conference tables, with a myriad of edge configurations, were added to the offering.

The ability of SurfaceWorks to provide a high variety of customized products in short lead times became a big hit with designers and office furniture dealers across North America and has led to rapid growth over the last 12 years.
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