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Takeru Shoji Architects .Co.,Ltd

Architects from 4-41-1 , Chuo-ku , Japan
My desire is not just to create a living space to solve the changing needs of a house,
commercial area, or public spaces, but to also create a living environment that makes
those in it by the sole fact of being in it, and those who see it, happy. I want not
only those owning and residing in the building, but those living by or just passing by
it to feel moved and feel the unique characteristic of the building. It is more important
to me to create an "open" environment with my designs than the actual building
themselves. My meaning of the word "open" is a place that is well suited for people,
and allows them, as human beings, a comfortable place and time to just be.
This is a quite different from designing a building for the pursuit of function and
convenience. Even though some might find this concept vague and a little hard
to understand, I believe that it is this vagueness that is the basis of current designs.