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Martin Bond


Talmon Biran Architecture Studio is based in Tel Aviv and has experience in architecture projects as well as art installations and urban interventions. The studio was established in 2007 by Roy Talmon and Noa Biran. Among its work, they did an architectural study for the design of a students’ communal settlement in the Israeli desert which focused on sustainable and social design. Both Noa and Roy are registered and licensed architects in the Registry of Engineers and Architects in Israel, under Israel’s Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor. Our team brings together professionals with a wide range of skills in the fields of architecture, urban design and art. This collaboration promises not only a unique creative approach but also a comprehensive design process. Our range of experiences in different typologies and scales insures that we can execute our vision from concept to production, Working within the law regulations and public needs and delivering an ecologically intelligent and universally accessible environment of sustainability design. Our team members have experience in creating dynamic and diverse environments, in complex large scale projects as well as site specific installations and interior design. Our approach to environmental and sustainable design combines both traditional low-tech technologies along with the latest hi-tech technologies and software for environmental analysis and parametric based design. We are interested in engaging with what reimagines public space, creates new opportunities for interaction with the environment and provides people with opportunities for casual encounters. We feel that architecture is a platform for human activity, a place for spontaneous happenings, and an ever changing installation that reacts to its users.
1 office
29 Amiel, Tel Aviv, Israel