Tapologie is the study of fluid moving through functional art. By embodying the fusion of utilitarian and aesthetic principles, our blown glass faucets and taps are unparalleled. Hand-made pieces, that are stunning as well as practical, bring distinctive beauty to everyday spaces. Our patented Magmabond process fuses glass and metal on a molecular level. Through utilizing this technique, Tapologie’s designers can bring any creative vision to life. FOUNDERS Aric Wanveer is an expert fabricator and metal artist. He apprenticed in the studio of David Hess to refine his craft. Artistic drive comes naturally for Aric and so does a desire to perfect the craft and add to the state of the art. This is why he and Tim McFadden patented the Magmabond glass and metal fusion process. Tim McFadden is a master glass blower. He started his formal glass studies at Salisbury University, later honing his craft through time at Corning and Pilchuck. Pushing a process further comes naturally to Tim, which was necessary to develop Magmabond. By joining forces with Aric, doors were opened for Tim to refine his craft even more.
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