We produce innovative contemporary architecture, focused on exploring the experiential qualities and social opportunity of space. Teatum+Teatum combine architecture, development and urbanism. The company is organised under Space and Projects. Under Space we acquire, design, develop and operate living and working space. These spaces are available to rent for short periods, providing an architecture that is accessible to a range of users. Under Projects we develop spatial strategies and produce new space for private and public clients. Our work is inspired by the idea that architecture can choreograph the social possibility of space, create interaction and connect to the experiential and cultural energy of the city. At every scale, our proposals engage with the urban possibility of the site. We believe great cities; those with tangible possibility are informed by the interface between use and spatial organisation. Our approach seeks a contemporary architecture that interacts with its physical and historic context, is accessible and spatially engaging to users and the public. We explore the possibility of each project through an intuitive and analytical study of the brief, the programme and site to produce a specific architecture. Teatum+Teatum was founded in 2011 by Tom & James Teatum, two brothers educated in London schools of architecture. We considered that there was an alternative way to organise how the structure of space is produced, one that allowed a wider audience to experience contemporary space. At the beginning of 2010 we bought a small site in Shepherds Bush, West London. From this we developed a house with an attached office. These first projects were numbered T+T 001 and 002 and formed the beginning of T+T Space. Our vision is to develop these ideas with existing sites and then expand to mixed use projects at a series of scales and connect them to the city with public programmes, creating a fluid relationship between use, building and the city, providing a contemporary architecture that can be experienced by a broad audience every day.
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