Tejas Borja
Tejas Borja

Tejas Borja

A century around tiles.

Five generations have lent their support to the tradition of a family with a passion for something unique, age-old and timeless: roof tiles. We have been sourcing our clay from the finest quarries in the Mediterranean since 1899. The age-old essence of our roof tiles is the guarantee and experience of a unique brand in the market. International agreements We are pioneers in the export of ceramic roof tiles in Spain.

Our growth strategy is based on the consolidation of long-term relationships with our customers. We grow through collaboration with our clients and distributors in countries around the world. Today, 4 out of 10 Spanish roof tiles sold overseas are made by Tejas Borja.

Much more than roof tiles.  Own showrooms. Presence at international exhibitions, congresses and events. Showrooms at selling points. Collaboration with universities. Specialist training courses. Product research and development studies. Seminars for professionals.


Ongoing investment in R+D+i, together with innovation, is part of our philosophy. Tejas Borja is an example to follow in the use of avant-garde technology and the automation of the tile production process. Which, together with the laboratories on our own premises and the implementation of computerised inspections throughout the production process, ensure quality of a standard that sets our roof tiles and accessories apart from those of competitors.

Awards Best exterior product of the year. Award given to the Flat 10 roof tile by the Editorial Board of Architecture Ireland at Architecture Expo Dublin. (Architecture Expo Show 2014)

1st Hispalyt Ceramic Roof Tile Architecture Prize 2013 for the restoration of “Las Reales Atarazanas de Barcelona”. The Award for Internationalisation. This honour was awarded by the Valencia Chamber of Commerce in recognition of the expansion that began more than two decades ago.

The 2012 Alfa Innovation Award. Awarded by the Spanish Ceramic and Glass Society for the development of SKIN-KER® (an installation system that creates a self-ventilating roof with large-format and extensive flat ceramic façade tiles, wrapping the whole building in a product of equal quality and appearance).

RedDot Award 2019 - Product design. The innovating Flat-5XL BorjaJET roof tile has been recognized by the jury as one of the best products of the year, for its innovation and high quality. The international jury comprises experienced experts from different disciplines and has been convening for more than 60 years in order to select the year’s best designs.

Flat-5XL BorjaJET – THE REVOLUTION of the tile sector
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