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Architects from 19 Union Square West , New York, United States
TEK Architects was founded in 1987. We maintain a diverse practice with significant experience in commercial, retail, residential, corporate, governmental and not-for-profit projects. We create new paradigms for working, living and recreating. We design things we haven't seen before, that intrigue, engage, interact with and provoke people. We are interested in an architecture that goes beyond a personal nature and engages the public as well as the users, that redefines and enhances the activities it encloses and re-shapes the environment in which it exists.

Project Approach:
We execute projects with the direct, day-to-day involvement of the principal of the firm and employ a team approach to staffing which insures continuity and an ongoing staff commitment. Our clients have included the Rockefeller Foundation, Hofstra University, St. Lukes/Roosevelt Hospital, H&M, Nautica, The Martha Graham Dance Company, Deep Focus, among numerous others.

Our work has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona, Harvard University, and Columbia University. It has been published in the national and international design press, most notably in Terry Riley's "Light Construction", Joel Sanders' "Stud" and Kate Hensler Fogarty's "Design of Health Clubs", "Home Front: New Developments in Housing" by Lucy Bullivant", "The AIA Guide to New York" and "Graphic Standards Details", as well as the New York Times, Timeout, Metropolis and the Daily News. We were the recipients of an AIA Design Award in 1994, 1998, 2004, Interiors magazine's Best Small Office Design of 1998 and Best Large Office Design of 2004. We were awarded a NY Construction Award in 2003 and two in 2004. Our new office, built in 2003, was included in the 2004 "New York Open House" tour.
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