The Communication Office

The Communication Office

Architects from trav. de S. Pedro 9,1, Lissabon, Portugal
The Communication Office for Contemporay Design
and Architecture Culture is a communication
office specialised in communication strategies for
Architecture, Design and other creative practices.
Serving the creative communities at both national
and international level, motivated by challenges and
differing ways of communication, The Communication
Office is an emerging practice that offers a new way
of working independently and sustainably, whilst
acting as a link between those who create, those
who receive and those who consume. The idea is
also to promote and encourage the importance of
creative culture, with emphasis on innovation and
socio-economic development.
This goal is only possible with our enthusiasm and
a passion for these areas, experience in
communication as well as familiarity with specialist
media, particularly the way in which Publicity1 and
Publishing2 bring together thought and action within
the construction of integrated strategies at local,
national and international level.
Wide-reaching in its promotion of «bright minds»
(architects /designers /…) and «beautiful ideas»
(projects /objects /…), yet critical in its intervention,
The Communication Office brings together different
cultural, creative and informative elements which make
up the contemporary social, cultural and economic
The Communication Office aims to stimulate
the critical sense, encourage the experimental,
influence public opinion and place the national
creativity within an international context, as well
as representing different cultural and artistic agents.
It also sees itself as part of the process of creativity
and production, while at the same time as consultant
and service provider for Experimental Publishing3 and
Experimental Publicity4.
There is no need to be limited to any particular
means of communication. More traditional ways can
be used, but new concepts, formats and reflection
are paramount as a way of forming strong links with
the press, those who create, critics and a wideranging
The Communication Office is a multidisciplinary
team of professionals who, via collaboration and
networking, work alongside clients with the same aims
and objectives:
Legitimise your work / Find your public /Celebrate
and «consume» contemporary creative culture.
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The Communication Office
trav. de S. Pedro 9,1, Lissabon, Portugal