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The D*Haus Company Limited
The D*Haus Company Limited

The D*Haus Company Limited

The D*Haus Company is an experimental design and architecture practice that is fascinated and inspired by the mathematics that can be found in every fiber that makes up our World. We are constantly striving to explore, develop and express form, through moment, colour and mathematics. We articulate our ideas using three well known and respected mediums, Architecture, Art and Design. "Britain has set the bar high for ingenuity in design and it continues to surpass its own standards. Take the new London manufacturer/incubator D*Haus, whose convertible table pays homage to Henry Ernest Dudeney, the mathematician who worked out how a perfect square can evolve into an equilateral triangle." Globe and Mail Newspaper, Canada We at D*Haus truly believe in ideas that can help improve and inspire our daily lives. This can be done through flexibility, adaptability and originality. Dynamic Living.
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