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The Group of Architects

The Group of Architects

The Group of Architects is a non-profit association, established to achieve the objectives of sustainable spatial development and improvement of urban and rural areas in Serbia through the actions in the areas of architecture, urban planning, urban planning, environmental protection and revitalization of cultural heritage and development of civil sector. The Group of Architects is a team of architects with different interests and involvement of NGOs and experiences, gathered around a common idea of ​​stimulating sustainable development of the Republic of Serbia through the projects, further education of young scholars, summer schools of architecture intended for students, promoting the cultural heritage of Serbia and environmental - energy improvement of existing facilities. The Group of Architects is committed on identifying problems, promoting and participating in finding solutions of improving the devastated and vulnerable sites to specific projects (research, studies, workshops, lectures, tours). The Group of Architects cooperates with universities, professional associations and other organizations from the public, business and nonprofit (civil) sector in Serbia and abroad that deal with related activities. Also, The Group of Architects links the state, business, civil society and citizens to better cooperate. It improves the work of NGOs, assists in developing and increasing capacity of NGOs in Serbia and abroad.
Our Offices
The Group of Architects Belgrade
Venizelosova 19, Belgrade, Republic of Serbia