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The International Green Roof Association (IGRA)

The International Green Roof Association (IGRA)

The International Green Roof Association (IGRA) is a global network, for the promotion and dissemination of information on Green Roof topics and Green Roof technology. Due to the status as multi-national, non-profit organisation, IGRA offers the platform and infrastructure for independent "pro Green Roof" lobby work with political decision makers and investors. IGRA members are national Green Roof organisations, Green Roof research institutes and Green Roof companies. IGRA also welcomes persons and Green Roof experts, who support the ecological Green Roof idea, to join the Green Roof network. IGRA´s targets are - worldwide promotion of the ecological Green Roof idea as a tool of sustainable, regional and urban development - international knowledge transfer in the field of Green Roofs - sensitisation of the population and political/business decision makers through publicity campaigns - stimulation of international standards for good practices and reliable Green Roof technology - promotion and active support of national Green Roof campaigns by IGRA members The basic idea of IGRA is the support of the Green Roof market on an international level by sharing knowledge and experiences in the field of Green Roof technology and public relations. In this context, the IGRA secretariat will serve as a global networking and co-ordination centre. Typical activities of IGRA include workshops, conferences, publications and newsletters. IGRA´s services include Networking IGRA´s international Green Roof platform facilitates the exchange of experiences among the members of the network. Newsletter A quarterly newsletter will present new developments in Green Roof technology, outstanding Green Roof projects, activities of IGRA members and a calendar of Green Roof events. Initiatives for national Green Roof associations IGRA advises and supports the creation of national Green Roof organisations. Workshops IGRA organises practical training courses and workshops for members. The trainings are coached by members of the IGRA expert group, IGRA members and/or third parties. Conferences IGRA initiates and promotes international conferences on Green Roof topics. Public relation IGRA supports local Green Roof campaigns of IGRA members for the public and political/business decision makers.
Our Offices
The International Green Roof Association (IGRA) Germany
International Green Roof Association (IGRA), PO Box 88 01 27, nürtingen, Germany