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“A multi-disciplinary design firm creating distinctive concepts, as well as unique expressions by thinkers, artists, designers and artisans of the region.”

Tinkah’s creative practice draws its inspiration from our immediate cultural environment. The firm since its inception has been producing creative solutions to a wide spectrum of disciplines, whether designing for a client , servicing cultural, creative and commercial practices or investigating forms of cultural artifact , alternative applications of materials and make useful and beautiful objects.

Tinkah established the foundry initiative where creative knowledge and skills are forged to rectify the current position and culture of our designed environment, and by doing so, ultimately igniting a passion for visual aesthetic appreciation among our community.

Treating the artesian and craft process hand in hand with research and exploration as an integral part of our vocation, we are committed to operate as an incubator of talents, by tapping the potential of our rich visual culture, and principals. The first conception of the foundry is the constructed feast.
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