Tôlerie Forezienne
Tôlerie Forezienne

Tôlerie Forezienne

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TF is committed to developing in a sustainable way. To achieve this, it has the support of its staff, all of whom contribute their own dedication, energy and enthusiasm. But it can also count on the long-term involvement of its shareholder, the Poujoulat Group, as well as on a solid organisation and a strong network of regional and national partners.

/ International group

The poujoulat group is the european leader in metal chimney flue systems; tf is one of its subsidiaries. Providing a guarantee for the stability of the company, the group also gives tf greater purchasing weight when negotiating for materials. In a more transverse way, tf benefits from the expertise in communication, technological intelligence, hr, etc. Being a member of the poujoulat group is a key strength for tf, and an advantage for its clients.

/ Expertise

Tf’s knowledge is based not only on its technical expertise, but also on its global understanding of the universe in which it operates.

Firstly, TF is an expert in transforming metals and in combining them with multiple materials such as wood, fabric, ceramic and more. This expertise also comprises advice on possible materials, textures and finishings. In addition, over the years TF has acquired a broad expertise in the scope of each brand.

Regarding the urban space, TF URBAN masters not only the normative aspects, but also aims to enhance the value of public spaces, especially locations where urban furniture is installed. In displays and signs, TF SIGNAL has an excellent understanding of the various clients and their expectations.

Starting from a common objective, communicating to the public, there are multiple solutions, from the simplest strip, through a customised furniture, to a connected panel. The sales team fully supports clients in making their choices.
Finally, with TF CREATION, the company offers confidence and peace of mind to the “creative” in charge of the project.
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Tôlerie Forezienne
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