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Tony Koukos
Tony Koukos

Tony Koukos

A true visionary, connoisseur of beauty and a design force to be reckoned with, Tony Koukos is a leading photographer who has found inspiration throughout the world. Whether it’s climbing the medieval towers of Tuscany, or scuba-diving the Great Barrier Reef, Tony manages to capture that distinctive angle for the perfect shot. His pictures speak for themselves – each a piece of art conveying a message of history, character and natural beauty. His passion for capturing beauty in a still photo has brought him to 45 countries including: Italy, Cuba, Australia, Thailand, Morocco, Japan, Turkey, Croatia, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, France, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Greece and many more. But it’s Tony’s eye for design and innovation that has made him one of the most sought out photographers in the world. Tony has creatively and masterfully incorporated his skillset and rich portfolio into the design industry by enabling his original prints to be customized onto carpets, lighting, wall coverings and various substrates. As a result, his pictures aren’t only works of art for frames, but for every surface and canvas in any room. Pictures speak a thousand words but Tony’s will leave you speechless, wherever and however you choose to incorporate them into your design. WWW.
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