TOPP S.p.a.
TOPP S.p.a.

TOPP S.p.a.

Manufacturers from Via Galvani, 59/61, Sandrigo, Italy
We have a natural vocation for quality workmanship, we strive for that subtle balance between esthetic elegance, function, technological innovation and creativity that yields those products known all over the world as “Made in Italy”.

TOPP interprets this vocation through the design and production of a wide range of automation systems for doors and windows, combining reliable performance with esthetic elegance in an exclusive merger of design and technique.

The quality of the materials, innovative solutions, technical reliability and elegant design are the result of a careful selection of suppliers and collaborators, strict monitoring of production processes, the use of the most modern, up-to-date engineering technology, the aid of laser sintering for rapid prototyping to accelerate the study and industrialization of new products, organized, efficient test laboratories to check the materials and finished products, and countless international patents, indispensable instruments for the safeguard of TOPP solutions.

The success of TOPP is the conquest of an increasingly varied and demanding market that exalts, involves and stimulates the development of innovative ideas that become advanced products.
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