Toti Semerano - Laboratorio Di Architettura
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Toti Semerano - Laboratorio Di Architettura

Toti Semerano - Laboratorio Di Architettura

Architects from Via Enzo Ferrari-Contrada Pisello, Lecce, Italy
Piergiorgio ( Toti ) Semerano was born in Padua, Italy, in 1941. He lives and works in Italy in the cities of Padua and Lecce. During his thirty years of professional experience, he has crafted a versatile and multiform professionalism in his work of continuous technical experimentation and far from contemporary establishment.

He blends with the same passion both innovative techniques and traditional materials, to create, anyhow, new forms that are open to constant transformations, in continuous dialogue with space and light.

The “Laboratorio di Architettura” (Architecture Lab) ( is a branch of the Semerano Architecture farms in Padua and Lecce, Italy. Since 2005, the lab is located in an old tobacco factory, a 19th century massive building built around an orange grove in the Lecce countryside. It is a melting pot of young architects from different countries who carry out their professional and research activities here, other professionals, from craftsman to artists, cooperate with them in developing new forms of design and multi-disciplinary experimentation.
The Laboratory is the common denominator for different and autonomous personalities. It is not an office but rather an open space that can be reached both physically and through the web, a meeting point for many “professionals with a luggage”, each with his or her experiences.
A series of projects are currently in progress, from historical sites re-evaluation to the development of innovative forms of living organization, the recovery of “artisan” working methods and the experimentation of new techniques and materials.

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