Toucan-T GmbH
Toucan-T GmbH

Toucan-T GmbH

Manufacturers from St.-Töniser Strasse 84, Krefeld, Germany
TOUCAN-T Carpet Manufacture GmbH was founded in 1987 in Krefeld and belongs to the leading carpet producers in the high-quality commercial contract segment.


TOUCAN-T feels committed to the idea of manufacture: fundamental quality aspirations determine our thinking and acting, craftsman's know how and trendsetting high- tech manufacturing guarantee long lasting products and short delivery times. For that we find the optimum environment in Krefeld. Here - in the stronghold for textile new generations - we are directly in touch with the pulse of the times. The close cooperation with uni­versities and research institutes directly in the vicinity is one of the keys to a constantly high quality. Short production and decision making channels are the pre-requisites for constant delivery readiness and absolute faithfulness to dead­lines. Quite certainly this is also a reason why so many customer relationships date back to the years of our establishment. Since 1987 we have had the threads firmly in our hands in the case of high grade tufting qualities. With points of contact throughout the world.


In Krefeld planners, architects and building owners are treading on open terrain. The Carpet Manufacture places style forming trends before your feet: high grade carpeting for the exclusive property and living areas, a comprehensive collection and individualised, customised solutions for a new interior culture. Whether an architectural element or a spirit-of-the-times acces­sory, whether cool or emotional: as an elementary constituent of holistic interior design textile floorings offer everyone the basis for his own forms of expression. Innovative technologies and new materials are the stuff that independent creati­ons are made of. We show you the entire range of possibilities. And you decide.


Whoever wishes to re-define interiors, req ires far-sighted partners with a feeling for people and markets. We experiment with ideas and materials and constantly deal with tomorrow's developments. Thinking ahead, thinking with others and thinking laterally. Questioning the old and the new: only in that way can future orientated plans be realised. In Krefeld trends take on forms close to the ground. Together with you, we want to conquer new terrain. With functionality, originality, quality and the aesthetic "value-added" - in short with lasting value. In the final analysis what is involved is the sensitive and intelligent implementation of a holistic architectural statement.

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