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The background of the TRE CI company finds its roots in Dr G. N. Clementi’s long-standing experience as a chemist. In the late 1980s, he set up a new business venture by eagerly involving the three cousins who are now fully owners and partners in the company, providing them with an insight in the field of acrylic resin. Dr Clementi handed down his view of good management policy, adopted and carried over by the partners, consisting of trading fairness, interest in the top quality of raw materials and products, and willingness to meet any requirements. The core concept of TRE CI’s successful trading policy is the flexibility in meeting their customers’ requirements, ranging from special formats to customized processing, so that only a small portion of the production is devoted to the manufacturing of standard plates. The top product is the ice crushed sheet, but equally successful products are sheets with an orange-peel texture, as well as sand blasted, dual sand blasted, double layer, tri layers, fluorescent and granite-like textures. The sheets may be as thin as 1 and 1.5 mm, whereas 400-mm block may be manufactured with monomer only, rods, Smart bars with embedded bubbles or tri-cast glitter Smart Blocks. The production is essentially aimed at a niche market, which shows the company’s continuous research and development, with a view to the creation of unique products, in order to meet the customers’ specific requirements as to look and function. This is why each new product is only marketed after countless tests, commissioning procedures and inspections. Nowadays it is rather difficult to find innovative products and imaginative novelties, but TRE CI is an example of successful creativeness, which proves that painstaking effort, daring talent and originality arise from passionate work and respect for the raw materials to be processed. The three partners do not shy away from getting their hands dirty; they provide their workers with suggestions and advice and they believe in personal involvement, so that they see to the final acceptance test of each block before it is despatched to customers, because quality assurance is their priority. TRE CI’s top asset is polymer perfection, which is typically found in large-sized multinationals, combined with the flawless shine of laser-cut profiles, excellent product performance and flexibility, which are typical features of small-sized businesses. Their plus is the guarantee of constant top quality in hand-made products.
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