Treeplast Bio-based Products
Treeplast Bio-based Products

Treeplast Bio-based Products

Manufacturers from Buitenwatersloot 75A, Delft, Netherlands
TREEPLAST is our brandname for biobased products. Products of TREEPLAST are skin friendly and not electrostatic. Products are made of bio-based composites adapted for your products!

TREEPLAST can be used in new products for different reasons:

natural appearance, touch and feel combined with the freedom in shape

fully (thermoplastic) workable like wood

bio-degradable and renewable

bio-based colours

high density, and many other specific properties available

The final product can be finished like wood and has comparable possibilities like MDF. TREEPLAST has unlike other biopolymers (like PLA) a beautiful natural appearance which is a good tool for communicating the (natural) properties of the product.

TREEPLAST is recognised by several institutes and companies

All certificates are subject to a specific receipy of Treeplast. Due to your dedicated product you may obtain your certificate for your product only.
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