Designers from Eitminu st. 16-111, Vilnius, Lithuania

We are a team of specialists who specialize in geometric structures.

We would like to offer our services in designing architectural proposals or design material for competitions of nonstandard structures and their elements.
Our team prepares technical and task implementing projects of architectural and structural aspects of constructions, draw plans for construction and manufacturing.
We offer nonstandard structural solutions and finishing materials.
We also implement complex projects.

We perform general contracting and sub-contracting of retaining framework structures, facade finishes and construction of variety of buildings and structures.
We are involved in every stage of construction, from designing to manufacturing and installation of a structure.
Our team has extensive experience with complex and nonstandard objects and are experts in various tasks that require special qualifications.

About us:
Our expertise: designing, manufacturing and implementing the retaining framework structures, facades and roofing.
We also prepare proposals, visualizations, draw plans of architectural and structural aspects of construction, as well as plans for construction and manufacturing.
We manufacture structural elements and joints for wooden and metal structures, PVC canopies, operable and large skylights.
We assemble metal and wooden structures, aluminium and glass roofs and facades.
Our trademark is complex forms and irregular geometry, nonstandard products: domes, hangars, and massive skylights, the finishes of arched and convex surfaces.
Our materials are a variety of metals, wooden structures and products, PVS canopies, glass, composite materials.
Our team works within and outside Lithuanian boarders.

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