Virender Khanna & Associates

Architects from Delhi, India
Virender and Anuradha Khanna formed a design studio in 1962, working out of their residence in Nizamuddin East. This studio grew into Virender Khanna & Associates (VKA) and Virender Khanna & Associates Private Limited (VKAPL). The former provides design solutions for clients in India, while the latter offers similar services for projects outside India.

Early projects included small interiors and residences. With time, the design practice grew and projects varied in scope and type. The design philosophy offered to clients included value for money, simple yet effective- bespoke design solutions for clients needs and involving the client during the process of construction.

This philosophy has been extended to large, technically demanding projects such as the Integrated terminal at NSCBIA, Kolkata and the Skywalk at Gangtok. These have been developed into ensuring the optimal value of the proposed design, analysing the whole life cost of solutions offered and partnering with a geographically dispersed design team.
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