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Architects from 3514 North Vancouver Avenue, Suite 300, Portland, OR, USA
Ben Waechter established Waechter Architecture in 2008. Prior to this Ben spent over a decade working with some of the most prestigious architecture offices worldwide. These offices include Allied Works Architecture in Portland, Oregon and the world renowned Renzo Piano Building Workshop in Genoa, Italy.
Known for its design rigor, Waechter Architecture is founded on the principle that good design comes from good collaboration. Melding client needs, site conditions and budget, Atelier Waechter prides itself on taking complex criteria and distilling it into a simple and elegant design. Finding the simplest solution that addresses all of the criteria is the goal of every project. This methodology produces both elegant and cost-effective solutions.
To maximize value for our clients, we tailor design services to fit the specific level of complexity for each project. Regardless of scale however, Atelier Waechter approaches every project with the same intensity and goal of creating a strong and clear scheme. We are always looking for new clients and encourage you to contact us with any building project you may have. We would be excited to collaborate with you!
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