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WallXtreme, the surface that can take whatever the world dishes out, was first created as a medium for public art. Far from the gallery and museum walls, sculpture that is left outside to fend for itself, exposed to the world of vandals, pollution and abuse has to be tough.

Artist Mary Boone Wellington developed the surface and coloration techniques that can stand extreme environments. Her company, LIGHTBLOCKS, took that original material, made it fire rated,100% recyclable and launched a revolution in color and light for architects and designers worldwide.

WallXtreme is designed for ease of installation and fast track ordering to make it a top choice for sustainable, durable, value engineered wall covering that adheres to the highest fire rating standards-guaranteed.

Designed with a new level of durability, WallXtreme can stand up to your most challenging environments. Use in corridors where normal wallcovering would perish, specifically for schools, hospitals and public spaces where heavy use (even abuse) can be quickly wiped away without a trace.
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