Wilhelm Renz GmbH + Co. KG
Wilhelm Renz GmbH + Co. KG

Wilhelm Renz GmbH + Co. KG

Manufacturers from Hanns-Klemm-Straße 35, Böblingen, Germany

RENZ understands people who want to give their workspace their own personal touch.

Entrepreneurs, decision-makers and executives who appreciate the need for the extraordinary; for practical, well-conceived forms and functions; for the aesthetics of premium materials.

In addition, RENZ gives you the peace of mind of knowing that every piece of furniture has passed through experienced hands. Hands of specialists who are not satisfied until the modern synthesis of high-tech production and handcrafted workmanship creates a final product that meets the highest expectations.


Renz was founded over 130 years ago.

It sounds like a simple statement of fact, but there’s a lot more to it. For us, it’s a number that stands for pride. Pride in the values that have been handed down to us. Pride in the competence in manufacturing, design, planning and service that we’ve gained through decades of experience. This number also stands for the solid reliability of a family-owned and family-run company, which is the foundation for long-term strategies and development opportunities.

But this number also evokes challenges, opportunities and the future. Commitment and responsibility towards people, the environment and nature, which we demonstrate through our conscientious use of resources and energy-saving technology.

RENZ products are an investment in sustainability.


Here at RENZ we are familiar with all of the requirements a modern workspace must fulfil. We meet your needs with custom solutions that offer the highest level of individuality. Our planners are specialists in interior design who analyse all the parameters and create a harmonious master plan. A plan that considers the physical space, your ideas and requirements, and our expertise in the areas of information, communication, presentation, and conference technology.

The first step is a visit to our showroom in Böblingen, where we can get to know each other personally. We will show you our table and system solutions, explain their respective advantages, and fill you in on the available materials and functions. Or you can visit your competent local RENZ Partner, whom we would be happy to locate for you.