Manufacturers from Hasselbecker Straße 2-4, HEILIGENHAUS, Germany
A long-established family business with two main pillars

For more than 80 years the company Woelm GmbH has represented tradition, innovation and quality in the field of hardware and conveyor technology. Evolved from the two companies HELM and KWS, today the family business employs almost 300 people at the location Heiligenhaus run by the Managing Director Karl Kristian Woelm.

The history of Woelm GmbH began on 01 April 1925 with the laying of the foundation stone and the formation of the company Karl Woelm + Son KWS Fittings by Karl Woelm and his son Karl jr. at the location Hasselbeck in Heiligenhaus, Germany. Seven years later - in 1932 - the company Hespe und Woelm, HELM in short, was founded by Wilhelm Hespe and Ernst Woelm. While KWS has made its mark in the field of hardware with door handles and door stops, HELM has had an excellent reputation as a pioneer in the field of sliding technology. The companies are not only united by their common location Heiligenhaus but also by family ties. Ernst Woelm is the brother of Karl Woelm. In the course of time the companies have been growing, the manufacturing plants have been expanded, more and more employees have been hired and a loyal customer base established. In 2005 the companies merged, meanwhile both run by the third generation. KWS and HELM have become Woelm GmbH. This two companies have merged that have been close for a long time. Both established brands remain intact under the umbrella of Woelm GmbH. To this day the company in Heiligenhaus has stood for tradition, innovation and quality.
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