Nikos Alexopoulos


Designers from Valsamonos 22, Athens, Greece
Xombli is an e-shop, the only of its kind, that sells exclusively Greek design objects. From a lamp to a plate, from a pair of earrings to anything else catches our eye and is designed in Greece, this will sooner or later find its place in xombli and from there its way to a house or an office anywhere in the world.

Modern Greek design might not be as prominent, but this doesn't mean it is not vibrant and dynamic. It doesn't follow any particular norms or forms, as nothing ever does in Greece, but it does reflect the familiarity and resourcefulness of the Greeks and, sometimes, their complicated past. Through xombli we came across and partnered with people from all around Greece: young designers making their first steps, seasoned artisans whose craft is becoming extinct, established designers that are internationally acclaimed. Each discovery was very important to us, as it was an indication that our country is still capable of inventing, designing and creating beautiful things.

We hope that the things we sell on xombli form an eclectic collection that merges classic, even traditional, objects with contemporary ones, as we sincerely believe that they can all play well with one another and with anything else, Greek or not, the same way new and old coexist in every corner of this country. The common denominator of everything we sell is their quality, innovative design and craftsmanship, as well as the unmistakable character of handmade.

Xombli was created in 2012 by Fivos Sakalis and Nicholas Yatromanolakis.

The word xombli (Greek: ξόμπλι) stems from the Byzantine word exomblion (εξόμπλιον) which in turn originates from Latin exemplum, which means paradigm or exemplar. In Modern Greek it is usually used to describe the leitmotiv, embroidery or pattern used for fabrics. Metaphorically, it also has some less noble uses, such as gossip for example. Still, we'd never let something like that get us down. Actually, we enjoy the fact that we use such a hackneyed word, giving it a brand new web meaning.

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