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Zachary A. Designs

Zachary A. Designs

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Company Overview

Zachary A. experiments in materials. The current collection is made up of a lightweight outdoor material that looks like solid cement. The pieces seem as though they have been around for decades, showing age and wear, adding interest without the necessity of time. Zachary A. transforms the typically troublesome material into a more functional piece of furniture.

These are beautiful, comfortable chairs that can work in many environments - from indoor to outdoor from modern to antique. Instead of weighing hundreds of pounds our chairs weigh less than 60 lbs. We use a mixture of sand and stone with a quality fiberglass that is suitable for the most extreme environments. As a native of Chicago our winters have proven the durability of our materials.

Our Mission

We produce some of the lightest concrete-like furniture on the market. You cannot have the look of concrete or stone on your project without the use of heavy machinery, and costly specialized shipping methods, on top of furniture costs. When left alone they become sculptural elements worthy of conversation.
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