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Established since 1996, ZONE AD is a firm specialized in architecture and design for various types of commercial, hotels, restaurants and boutiques. Our main objective is to provide you, the client and the user, with a functional and creative architecture as well as being a leader throughout the design process. During the last decency, the combination of our passion and expertise has enabled ZONE AD to complete several projects throughout North America and other locations such as France, England, Mexico, Japan, Russia, Saudi Arabia and even Dubai.

ZONE AD offers a substantial spectrum of personal and professional services in order to provide you with the necessary supports to realize your project and all within your needs and budget. The vase experience of our team will provide a flexible and global approach to your project, thus resulting in our ability to respond to all your quality and sustainable requirements.

In order to provide the most sophisticated services to our clients, we have introduced a new division, ZONE AD IMAGES, which provides you with professional and state-of-the-art personalized services in the world of digital images. We specialize in architectural computer generated imaged for all types of building projects as well as interior and exterior designs (3D perspectives). We also offer a wide range of graphic and illustration services. ZONE AD IMAGES has created various avant garde images for countless projects of great magnitude. We shall transform your ideas and projects into virtual images. Our experienced team will guide you throughout the various stages of your project, in order to meet your needs, your budget and your timeframe. ZONE AD IMAGES staff operates the newest sophisticated computer technology and the most-up-to-date software, in order to act in accordance with our mission: offering you a product of extreme high quality and precision.
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