Zospeum is a cutting-edge building material that uses up to 30.000 optical fibres per square meter of concrete. It allows light to permeate into living spaces in order for those on the inside to interact better with the outside world. It insulates while remaining strong, applicable for a multitude of architectural applications. Zospeum’s revolutionary properties will allow designers to finally factor light into their designs: Eco-friendly Allowing daylight to permeate helps with energy efficiency by providing natural illumination without ancillary heat, thus reducing the need for additional lighting while saving on artificial ventilation. Translucent The use of optical fibres allow light to filter through, with the option of changing fibre density and diameter to tailor how translucent the concrete is. Unparalleled This exceptional building material is completely unique, changing the way we view architecture forever. Robust Each self-supporting component can be tailor-made at up to one storey in height. Resilient and strong, Zospeum has the potential to be the building blocks of any exciting and creative, new design project. Insulating Through an innovative production technique, the building material provides insulation at a rate of 5.5m2K/W.
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