ZPSTUDIO is a design and architecture office based in Florence, Italy. It was founded in 2003 by Matteo Zetti and Eva Parigi, both graduated at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence where they have been developing teaching and research activities for many years. Eva Parigi (Siena, 28/12/1968), a Phd degree in architectural research and a master Degree in Exhibit Design at Domus Academy in Milan, is committed with works of interiors and exhibit design. Matteo Zetti (Firenze, 18/10/1968) focuses his activity on architectural design, urban design and interior architecture and is a consultant for national engineering companies. The studio is committed to creating ideas and spaces as interventions on the sceneries of everyday life. The mission of zpstudio is to exploring the potential offered by design as an communication tool, frequently ranging through different scales. A vaste experience in working with art installations brought narrative and cultural inspiration to all zpstudio projects. zpstudio activity focuses on the design of temporary installations, exhibition and commercial spaces, corporate brand solutions, and product design. The studio is often involved in international design contests and exhibitions in Italy and abroad, and their projects are published in specialized press publications. Many of their works has been awarded in international design competition and faires, including Best of Now (Paris, 2001), Grandesign (Milan, 2002), Tokyo Designers’ Week (2004), Idot Italian Design on tour (2005); in recent years they published and exhibited projects worldwide, in Milan, Paris, New York, Chicago. Their clients include, amongst others, Lumen Center Italia, JVC, Sharp, Parentesi Quadra, Viceversa, Softline-Allkit. Since 2004 zpstudio hosts: Angle - osservatorio sulla città, and is a member of: network Ottoperotto; IFresearch - Association for thePromotion of Contemporary Architecture; movement Firmiamolalettera; Adi - Association for Industrial Design; Beda - The Bureau of European Design Associations.
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