Zumtobel Lighting Gmbh
Zumtobel Lighting Gmbh

Zumtobel Lighting Gmbh

Manufacturers from Schweizer Strasse 30, Dornbirn, Austria
Zumtobel, a company of the Zumtobel Group, is an internationally leading supplier of integral lighting solutions for professional indoor and outdoor building lighting applications.

For more than 50 years, Zumtobel has been developing innovative, custom lighting solutions that meet extremely exacting requirements in terms of ergonomics, economic efficiency and environmental compatibility and also deliver aesthetic added value.

As an innovation leader, Zumtobel supplies an extensive range of premium luminaires and lighting control systems for various professional building lighting application areas:

Offices and Communication
Education and Science
Presentation and Retail
Hotel and Wellness
Art and Culture
Health and Care
Industry and Engineering
Façades and architecture

International leader

Zumtobel has an international customer presence thanks to its own sales organisations in 23 countries and commercial agencies in more than 50 other countries. The company has its roots in Vorarlberg but sets great store by international contacts in order to maintain its worldwide network of specialists and design partners in the lighting sector.

The emotional effect of light

Zumtobel uses integral lighting solutions to create lighting scenes that make it possible to experience the interplay between light and architecture in all its diverse complexity. The combined use of luminaires, lighting management and emergency lighting systems is geared towards the architecture of a building and the particular application situation.

Light creates a sense of well-being

Zumtobel conducts research into the health-promoting effects of light and makes it ever easier to exploit these effects in order to provide people with the best possible lighting quality. Zumtobel’s applied research attaches particular importance to energy efficiency. Daylight-based lighting control and luminaires with higher light output ratios produce more light and brightness than standard solutions, assuming identical light sources are used.
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Zumtobel Lighting Gmbh Dornbirn Headquarters
+43 1 258 26 01-0
Schweizer Strasse 30, Dornbirn, Austria
Zumtobel Lighting Gmbh
34 916593076
C/ Inocencio Fernández 81, MADRID, Spain
+43 125826010
Wagramer Strasse 19, WIEN, Austria

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