Mahyar Architects specializes in four main categories of exterior design, interior design, landscaping, and renovation. We have completed various domestic (villa and apartment), medical, and cultural projects. Our belief in modern design as a simple and cost-effective solution to contractors' functional and aesthetic needs has resulted in many of our projects being completed using modern design principles.

In addition, our studio places particular emphasis on subjects such as music, social issues, color, new materials, and modern design and execution methods. We consider all environmental, functional, and aesthetic parameters in our designs and use mathematical algorithms to control these parameters. 

The size of a project has never been the ultimate goal of our studio; rather, we prioritize the quality of the project. This has allowed us to complete projects for private contractors in various parts of the world. Ultimately, we believe that a diverse world is a more attractive one, and paying attention to social and cultural differences is the key to success in any project.

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