The spaces we live in influence how we feel, relate, relax, concentrate, enjoy ourselves and more. Every individual seeks their spaces and every space says something about the person who created it, who possesses it, who lives in it, who enjoys it... Lighting contributes to any space to the extent that it affects its appearance, its atmosphere and the feelings it creates. VIBIA’s mission is to make it easier for every individual to identify with the space in which they live, work and visit by supplying the right lighting and inspiring the creative abilities and good taste of both consumers and architecture and interior design professionals with a unique range of lighting products. VIBIA evolves by studying and understanding how people live in their spaces, surprising them with just the right proposals – often unexpected – to help create the desired feelings. With attractive features during the day and lighting at night, VIBIA provides the design community with a sure way to make the right choice of products, providing individuals with the pleasure of creating their own space.
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