DEDPV Dryer Exhaust Ventilator
DEDPV Dryer Exhaust Ventilator
Metall, Steel - Galvanized
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The DEDPV, listed to UL705 & CSA 22.2, is a dryer exhaust duct power ventilator. It helps your dryer run more efficiently by assisting it in overcoming pressure losses caused by long or restricting exhaust duct designs and effects of high altitudes; higher exhaust rate means faster dry time. The product complies with the UL standard related to dryer exhaust (UL 705) and is suitable for gas and electric clothes dryers.

The DEDPV may be added to the dryer exhaust duct system when the equivalent duct length is between 25 feet and 125 feet. Each 90 degree elbow is equivalent to 5 feet of duct and each 45 degree elbow is equivalent to 2.5 feet.

The DEDPV is a cord connected product that features a pressure switch to automatically sense when the dryer is on. A wall-mounted indicator panel with a 50 ft cable is provided to indicate proper operation of the exhaust fan. In the event of a problem, the LED light will inform the homeowner of the nature of the problem. Four mounting clamps and two cleanouts that come with the product ease installation of the fan on the ductwork. An integrated thermal fuse is built into the DEDPV as a safety device and will de-energize the fan in the event of abnormal exhaust temperatures.

Performance certified by HVI; safety certified by UL705 and CSA 22.2 to the DEDPV supplement of UL705; suitable for use with gas and electric clothes dryers.

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