Design-Clip XL
Design-Clip XL
Küberit Profile Systems
Metall, Aluminium

The aluminium profile system Design-Clip from Küberit is now available in a new XL version. This extremely solid two-part clip-system is made for Click-LVT floorings from 3.5 to 6.5 mm thickness. This system is as well suitable for textile floor coverings from 4 to 11 mm thickness. The visually appealing and functional novelty is based on the internationally patented Euro-Clip system for hard floor coverings.

With the solid clip connection between the top- and base profile, this system allows expansion gaps of up to 10 mm now. This means an increase of 67 % compared to the normal Design-Clip version with 6 mm expansion gap covering. „Design-Clip XL“ withstands highest mechanical stress due a third arm in the base and a patented 3-point connection between the top and base profile.

The new XL-version of „Design-Clip“ is available as adapting profile / reducer (576 XL), end / boarder edge profile (577 XL) as well as connecting / cover profile (578 XL) in the popular metallic colors like aluminium polished as well as aluminium anodised silver, gold, sand, bronze and stainless steel fine brushed, in lengths of 1.0 m, 2.0 m and 3.0 m.

Flat profiles – invisible screwing The base profile can be fastened with screws to the substrate or it can be glued in case of floor heating systems. Afterwards the top profiles can be easily clipped on the base profile. A perfectly fitted floor without visible screws and a time-saving installation is not a problem.

Adapting-, Border- and Connecting Profiles The adapting / reducer profile “576 XL” can be used between floorings of different heights and has a total width of 38 mm. The border profile “577 XL” with a total width of 24 mm is suitable as edge to higher abutting window sills and terrace doors. With the 34 mm wide connecting profile “578 XL” it is possible to perfectly cover gaps between floorings with the same or slightly different heights of up to +- 3 mm.

Flexible in Design With the modern digital printing line, „Design-Clip XL“ profiles can be custom color matched to any flooring in a brilliant printing quality. Due to the latest surface technology, the profiles have not only a realistic wood grain but also have a standard abrasion class of AC3 that can be as well produced in AC5 if required. The possibility of custom designed products enable a perfectly matched flooring design in commercial and residential areas.

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