Alpi Rubinetterie

The shower head that disappears into the ceiling merging with the architecture.
The increasing use of shower doors and trays that are flush with the drains clearly shows the tendency of home fittings to sink into the walls and ceilings.
The shower head FADE represents a revolutionary innovation in the bathroom as for the first time the body of the shower head is hidden inside the ceiling. The shower and the ceiling no longer exist because the ceiling becomes the shower.
The FADE system provides a shower head that has to be mounted into the plasterboard structure during the false ceiling assembly. After the ceiling has been plastered and painted and every sign has disappeared, by activating four simple butterfly screws the silicone nozzles go down through the holes on the assembled panel and as a final result the nozzles come out from the ceiling without any other exposed part.
The name Fade comes from the typical layout of the nozzles that gather and show how a technical body can blend with the architecture, gradually appearing into the ceiling.

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