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CARIMALI design shower_space

Thanks to chromotherapy options combine with music and aromatherapy devices, CARIMALI design shower_space products are developed to assure you the water experience you have been dreaming of.

Enjoy refreshing personal spa treatment with Carimali shower heads, lateral body jets and waterfalls vigorously massaging your body muscles where emotional stresses often manifest themselves. Then, immerse yourself in a chromotherapy experience. Carimali designed a chromotherapy line that creates a real lights wellness that shrouds the entire body and the surrounding wall. For instance, pink that has a pleasurable and soothing impact on emotions and spirituality or orange that stimulates creative thinking and enthusiasm. And for a complete relaxation, enhance your psychological and physical well-being with aromatherapy and music devices. Aromatherapy kit includes three fragrances from plants and flowers calming nerves and the music device plays your favorite playlist by connecting itself to your device via Blutooth.

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