CARIMALI design shower_space

CARIMALI design shower_space line makes showering a pure pleasure. With their Italian design, CARIMALI products become decorative items suitable for all environment.

MyDream is the multifunctional shower head range reproducing the different jets on your skin and giving you the sensation of being shrouded by a relaxing and reinvigorating rain, cascade or mist. MyDream built-in shower head is available in various shapes and sizes characterized by an elegant design and multifunctional options (rain, single cascade, double cascade, mist).

Everyone is able to create a personal MyDream set with high flow or 25 l/min taps, wellness accessories such as body jets, atomizers, waterfalls, music & aroma devices in order to assure you a unique sensorial experience.

As for chromotherapy, a specific kit suitable for false ceiling or islands made of plasterboard is now available. The kit is composed of LEDs, connection cable and electronic control unit. It is easy to install and assure you CARIMALI chromotherapy experience in all your bathroom area.

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