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Qbiss One by Trimo is a prefabricated modular metal wall system that offers an architectural alternative to conventional built-up wall systems. It is a design and technological breakthrough that allows for almost limitless design possibilities while delivering the highest quality construction solution. Qbiss One is available in flat or curved options, with recessed or flush joints, and can be installed in various orientations to create truly individual constructions.

The wall system is composed of modular façade elements, fixing and sealing material, architectural performance details, corner elements, adjustable substructure, and windows (optional). It is self-supporting, insulated, and fire-proof, combining pure minimalistic elements and advanced technical characteristics for a complete technical solution for off-site construction.



The Qbiss One system is distinguished by its unique and patented rounded corner element, which eliminates the need for cutting, welding, or folding the panel. It is one of the most modern, smoothest, and flattest metal facade solutions in its class and is flexible enough to meet the demands of various applications, such as data centers, shopping centers, logistics centers, airports, museums, warehouses, education centers, military bases, industrial facilities, showrooms, and healthcare buildings.



Qbiss One brings a system approach to the building envelope by uniting all the desired functional advantages of high-quality architectural wall systems with the best aesthetics. It is a world-class-engineered, prefabricated architectural metal wall that offers a true alternative to conventional built-up systems. It is a total wall solution that provides a single component pre-engineered and prefabricated construction element, self-supporting column-to-column, horizontal floor-to-floor, and vertical installation. 

Qbiss One is highly durable, with rounded corners, unmatchable flatness, and advanced technical characteristics that make it one of the best facade systems in the world. It has a Class A1 non-combustible mineral wool-insulated core, high-level insulation values, fire resistance up to class EI120 integrity and insulation, water tightness up to class A (1200 Pa), and flexible coating warranties of up to 30 years and a lifetime expectancy of up to 50 years.



Data centers, shopping centers, logistics, airports, business offices, museums, warehouses, education, military, industrial, showrooms, health care, insulated façades, soffits, internal walls, and ceilings.



Prefabricated, fire-resistant, easy installation, thermal insulation, sound insulation, air permeability, water permeability, food processing, aesthetic



Raster length - 500mm - 6500mm

Module width - 600mm - 1200mm

Thickness - 80mm, 100mm, 120mm, 133mm, 150mm, 172mm, 200mm, 240mm, 250mm


A leading provider of building envelope solutions

Trimo is one of the leading providers of building envelope solutions. With over 60 years of experience and worldwide-realized projects, its engineering, production, and sales teams provide highly efficient, innovative, and sustainable solutions to meet clients' most varied needs.

Trimo sells its products and services across more than 60 countries worldwide and has production facilities in Slovenia and Serbia. In its sector, Trimo is regarded not only as a market leader but also as a trendsetter and a highly innovative company as proven by its receipt of numerous international awards for innovation and cooperation on projects, which have received the most respected prestigious architectural awards.

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