VisionInk - Digital Ceramic Ink Printed Glass

VisionInk - Digital Ceramic Ink Printed Glass
VisionInk - Digital Ceramic Ink Printed Glass
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The VisionInk digital ceramic ink glass printer is the most advanced and versatile machine available for printed glass. Combined with our glass curving capabilities it is ideal for both external and internal architectural and transportation glass applications, together with stunning Point of Sale (POS) displays.

VisionInks image processing software and high-tech printer go far beyond the capabilities of screen and UV glass printing providing greater opportunity, flexibility, and quality in designing with thousands of possible colours and 720dpi resolution for glass.

The inks, once toughened, become a part of the printed glass itself, providing unmatched resistance to scratching, UV light and weather deterioration.  From simple lines to full colour photos, VisionInk allows architects, engineers and designers to explore new possibilities in modern and sustainable design.

VisionInk Printed Glass Features & Benefits:

  • Print any design, from simple lines to detailed imagery
  • Six spot colours combine to create an unrivalled colour palette; bespoke premixed colours can be created too
  • Complete predictability, repeatability & durability of the printed glass
  • Precision control of ink thickness for prediction & manipulation of Visible Light Transfer (VLT) and Solar Heat Gain (SHG) variables
  • Surface can be cleaned as you would normal window glass, with no impact on the graphic
  • Non-slip ink possibilities
  • Dimensions up to 3900mm x 2440mm and oversize capabilities
  • 10 year warranty against UV fade

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