142 Pasir Ris Road

142 Pasir Ris Road

Timur Designs LLP
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Tim Nolan

142 Pasir Ris Road

Timur Designs LLP als Architekten

The site for this house is land-locked and surrounded by neighbouring houses, such that only a 5 metre wide gate is visible on the main road. Down a driveway of more than 20 metres long, only a small portion of the house can be seen.

At the end of the driveway, there is a delightful sense of revelation, as its narrowness opens onto a central courtyard, surrounded by the rest of the house. The main door opens onto the double volume living room which has views towards the park on the upper levels.

The shape of the house mimics the spiral form of a shall, starting at the bottom of the external granite-cladded staircase, up to the second storey entrance and around the courtyard and back to the main living room, in a loop.

The spiralling form terraces up from the ground to the Attic level, from where, the house is able to look onto the large expanse of green space of Pasir Ris Park and the sea beyond.

At each level, the interior spaces break out onto balconies and roof terraces to take full advantage of the view, while simultaneously orientating towards the central courtyard which flows spatially onto the timber deck beside the swimming pool. This timber deck which has direct access from the Kitchen and Dining Room forms the heart of the house for family activities.

There is also a rear “secret” access to this timber decking – from behind the external staircase, past a curtain of hanging Vernonia Elliptica and the poolside powder room.

At night, fibre optic light tips add sparkle to the timber decking floor as well as the swimming pool.

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